How to connect 3G USB Modem ( Data Card ) to your Tablet which doesn’t have a SIM Card Slot or 3G Built-In

27 April, 2012 | Category: Uncategorized | By: JohnJK

huawei-3g-usb-modem-mini-usb-adapterIn India, the tablets available in the market which are under Rs-10000 comes without a SIM card slot to insert a 3G SIM card to enjoy the mobile browsing experience which is the very important feature anyone would like to have it on their tablet. But unfortunately, 3G built in tablets are expensive and you need to connect to the Internet via a WiFi or to use an external 3G USB Modem. All you need is a USB 2.0 port or a Mini USB 2.0 port to connect the 3G USB modem to connect it to your tablet to get the device detected by your Android operating system. Read what you want to take care before buying your 3G USB modem and the steps to connect and get the Internet connection.

Before you go to buy the USB modem for your 3G SIM, better you avoid to buy the one from your ISP ( Internet Service Provider – The company from where you are going to buy the 3G SIM). Because, some of them are not get detected by your Android tablet as it is locked to use only the SIM from the provider not the one from other ISP. It is always better to buy the unlocked 3G USB modem . Brands like Huawei and Leoxsys 3G USB modems are available from any computer retailer or from online shopping sites. If you have a Mini USB port not the regular USB 2.0 port on your Tablet, you need to buy the adapter cable ( USB to MiniUSB). Once you have all the items ready, follow the steps to connect to the internet using 3G network.


1- Insert the 3G SIM into your 3G USB modem ( It is easy. Same like you do it on your mobile phone)

2-Start your Android tablet

3- Insert the USB modem into your tablet’s USB port ( If you have Mini USB port, use the adapter cable)

4- Press the Menu button on your tablet and Go To > Settings

5- Now select the “Wireless & Networks” settings option

6- Here you can see the following menu items — Airplane Mode | WiFi | WiFi Settings | 3G | Mobile Networks

7- If you see the WiFi option is already enabled, you need to disable it.

8- Now enable the 3G option by selecting 3G check box

9- Wait for some time to get the network connection. If it is connected to the mobile network, you will get the Signal Strength Meter on the top status bar.

10- Once you got the signal strength meter on the status bar, it is time to enter the settings of your operator

11- Open the ” Mobile Networks” option screen

12- Now enable the ” Data Enabled” check box

13- You need to enable the “Data Roaming” check box if you are on roaming service.

14- Now select the ” Access Point Names ” option. Here you will see only a blank screen.

15- Press your ” MENU” button and select ” New APN” option

16- Here in this screen you have to enter the APN ( Access Point Name) and the Access Number for your operator


Postpaid: APN: mtnl3g

Prepaid APN: pps3g


APN: aircelgprs

Access Number: *99***1#


APN: internet

Access Number: *99#

TATA Docomo


Access Number: *99#



Access Number: *99#


APN: bsnlnet

Access Number: *99#


APN: rcomnet

Access Number: *99#

17- Once you entered the right APN and Access Number, press the ” Menu” button again and press the “Save” option.

18- Now in your APN screen , you will see APN Name you just entered with a Radio Botton at the right to enable it. All you have to do at last is select that radio button to enable that APN.

19- Now you will see the 3G  Signal indicator on your top status bar. You are ready to go.



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